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Get to know our U.S. partner universities more through the EOL

More videos from EduCo’s partner universities in the United States are now available in the EduCo Online Learning (EOL) platform. University-based presenters Megan Evangeliste of Duquesne University, Alberto Guichardo of NJIT, Maria Blanca of UMBC and Julia Tracewski on behalf of SPU talk about a range of topics from living in their respective cities, to pathway program options and job opportunities available to graduates.

“We have five highly-ranked partner universities in the United States and we’d like our agent network to get to know each one of them—what makes them a good fit for our students and how they help students achieve their academic and career goals. Because of the difference in timezones, it’s not always easy to speak to our agent network as much as we want to. So preparing these videos, which they can watch at their convenience, is the best option,” says Julia.

“Students and their parents are investing significantly in their university education and we’re here to ensure that we arm them with information that will help them succeed. So these webinars, although primarily developed for education consultants, are also publicly available so students and parents can access them too,” adds Brent Schmoker, EduCo Recruitment Director in the United States.

The EduCo Online Learning (EOL) platform is the most recent addition to EduCo’s virtual suite of on-demand tools and resources that have been developed to support its education agents and counsellors. John Dizon, VP Sales Operations and Enablement, explains, “In any given day, an education counsellor could be sitting in his or her office advising students, finding them the most suitable option for their bachelor’s or master’s degree and then helping facilitate the applications too. Providing them training, although essential, also takes time away from their primary responsibilities. So we’ve devised a way for them to not miss an opportunity, at the same time allowing them to decide when to undertake such training.”

Since the platform was launched in June, a couple of agents who watched the videos have shared their experience so far. “There was a lot of useful information in the EOL that can help us in providing sound student advice. One course is presented in a series of video clips so it’s easy to understand and very convenient to use as a reference since each clip is identified according to a topic,” says a Sydney-based education consultant who asked not to be named. “The method you introduced is the best solution for training agents!”