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Exploring majors and careers with University of Nebraska–Lincoln

International students who are interested in studying at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln but have not decided on their field of study will have a great opportunity to get assistance from the university’s Career Services as they explore their interests and make career choices. They will be guided as they pursue employment or further education.
Education agents can also help steer in their direction based on students’ preferences in the choice of majors and would greatly benefit from referring to the EduCo Course Finder especially on details involving scholarships, intake schedules, tuition fees and IELTS requirements as there are 133 undergraduate degrees to choose from. In addition, Nebraska offers students 2 pathway courses for those with IELTS score below 5.5, namely: one semester of Credit English for Academic Purposes (CEAP) and 2 semesters of Intensive English Program (IEP), with scholarships offered for both and study intakes in January, May and August.

Study concentrations and career options

Nebraska’s Career Services office supports students by directing them to the 5 stages of deciding on a study major or area of concentration:

  1. Self-assessment. Students are guided to identify their interests, skills and values.

  2. Researching Majors and Careers. Students are offered tools and resources to know more about the areas of concentration that best fit their interests, skills and values. They learn to assess educational requirements, career paths, salary and job demand.

  3. Building a Network of Contacts. Students are given opportunities to connect with professional contacts for future jobs. They will meet with and work with people who have diverse perspectives and experiences to help them decide on study concentration.

  4. Experimenting on Options. Students are provided with exploratory coursework, one-on-one consultations with faculty to explore a variety of fields and volunteering opportunities to determine if they’re suited to their chosen field.

  5. Decision-making. Students are encouraged to reflect, compare and act on their choice. They can declare their major by visiting the Explore Center in 127 Love Library South or explore career paths by visiting Career Services in 225 Nebraska Union.

Job/internship search

Career Services staff review resumes and cover letters, conduct mock interviews and provide advice on the best strategic approach. Thus, students will be guided on how to handle a successful job or internship search. They also recommend that students use Handshake, an online career platform for searching and applying for internships, co-ops, part-time and full-time jobs.

Connecting with employers

Students are provided with industry linkages so that they can connect with prospective employers through job listings, career fairs and programs and on-campus interviews. They can also start building their network while pursuing their studies.