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Employment growth in Ireland

Did you know? Unemployment figures in Ireland are now lower than those of the UK and USA, having dropped to 6.3 per cent in June this year. While having risen slightly in July to 6.4 per cent, in the next 12 months Trading Economics is projecting the rate to drop even further, to just 5.5 per cent.
Part of this drop could be seen as being due to the number of international businesses choosing Ireland as their European base. International students looking to enrol into the School of Computing at DCU or to study electrical engineering at Maynooth University will be interested to know that some of the organisations which have set up headquarters on the Emerald Isle include large technology companies Dell, Intel, Google, Facebook and Hewlett Packard. Pharmaceutical companies are also making the move to Ireland; Johnson and Johnson has offices in the south of the country, Cork and Limerick.
For international students interested in completing their degree in Ireland and also who would hope to work for one of these companies, there is further good news due to the Irish government’s recent changes to the Third Level Graduate Scheme. These changes mean international students can work or look for employment for up to 24 months post-graduating.
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