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Employability skills, future job prospects among international students’ top concerns

An International Student Barometer study on what makes international students happy was conducted by the International Graduate Insight Group (i-graduate) on 56,376 international students studying at 35 universities in Australia. Although the degree of happiness varied and depended in part on their country of origin, the outcome of the survey highlighted the importance of employability skills, future job prospects and the learning experience as among the top factors that make international students happy.
Out of over 100 source countries, the top 10 sending countries that emerged are all located in Asia: China, India, Nepal, Vietnam, Malaysia, Pakistan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka and Singapore.
Australia is one of the top host countries for international students and has consistently ranked as the third top-of-mind study destination, recently running head-to-head with the United Kingdom for the second place with the most number of enrolees. It is even predicted to surpass the UK figures this year.

Software development opportunities

There are currently thousands of jobs being advertised through employment agencies like Seek, Indeed, Adzuna and Jora  especially for IT-related jobs such as software developers and more by the time the students graduate in a few years.
Seek currently lists over 9,000 job opportunities for software developers while Indeed lists almost 3,000 vacant positions with published salary offers. Meanwhile, Adzuna advertises over 1,500 software developer jobs while Jora lists another 1,500 entry-level software developer positions.  While there may be duplications in the jobs being advertised, the number of job requirements is expected to get bigger as more and more breakthroughs in technology that need software development and maintenance come about.

A career in software development

Nirmanpreet Singh, a Bachelor of Information Technology student at Southern Cross University Melbourne campus

Nirmanpreet Singh, a Software Development major at Southern Cross University’s Melbourne campus says, ”From a young age, I was always interested in technology and had a desire to study abroad. So after searching and comparing universities in Australia, I came across Southern Cross University and eventually decided to enrol in Bachelor of Information Technology.” He dreams of becoming a software developer someday and is pretty optimistic about the job opportunities that are available in Australia.
The Bachelor of Information Technology program, which offers majors in Software Development, Digital Enterprise and User Experience, prepares students for a career in several industries. The course focuses on the development of web-based business information systems which include units in programming, systems analysis and design, cybersecurity, database development, networking and communications theory.
EduCo conducts academic courses on behalf of Southern Cross University at Melbourne, Sydney and Perth campuses.
Education agents and students interested in the degree program may check out the EduCo Course Finder for details on scholarship availability, fees, IELTS and other requirements.