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EduCo’s U.S. institutions build a stronger relationship with students via webinars

Three of the five EduCo-partner institutions in the United States – Duquesne University (DQU), New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) and University of Nebraska–Lincoln (UNL) – are holding webinars to forge a strong relationship with students even before they arrive on campus. These webinars aim to equip students and education agents with knowledge about the institutions. The webinars are also open to incoming international students as well as those who are still considering their options.
The webinars cover various topics which address frequently asked questions from students who have just received their offer letter and those who are still researching the best campus for them. These include a virtual tour of the campuses, pre-arrival information, safety and livability, on- and off-campus accommodation options, visa appointment preparation, life as a student in a new country, unit credit transfers and bill payments, among others.
Prospective students also have an opportunity to ask current students of their chosen institution about their own study experience. Those undecided are also welcome to join and ask questions to help them in making a decision. They can attend all the sessions of all the institutions.

“Our webinars are open to all prospective international students who wish to study in the United States, particularly in our partner institutions,” says Julia Tracewski, marketing director of EduCo in the United States. “We cover a wide range of topics that international students need to know before they arrive or even before they make their choice; for instance, familiarise themselves with their chosen institution and city or look at their accommodation options, work and future career prospects in a location that they’re interested in.”

“At the outset, we want prospective students, especially those who are still looking at their study options, to connect with the current international students and staff of the institutions that they’re looking at,” Tracewski adds. Her team has released the following upcoming webinars. Those who are interested to join are welcome to register and participate in the discussions.

University of Nebraska–Lincoln

14 June  UNL: Living on-campus 
21 June  UNL: Off-campus housing in Lincoln, Nebraska
28 June  UNL: Preparing for your visa appointment
16 July  UNL: How to transfer your credits
23 July  UNL: How (and when) to pay your student bill

New Jersey Institute of Technology

13 June  NJIT Pre-arrival information
16 July  NJIT: Pre-arrival information
24 July NJIT: Ask a student – (Facebook LIVE event – students must join OGI on Facebook to participate)

Duquesne University

10 June Ask a Student: Life at Duquesne
11 June Duquesne – Pittsburgh: America’s Most Live-able City
24 June Ask a Student: Life in Pittsburgh
16 July Duquesne: Pre-Arrival,  Session 1
18 July Duquesne: Ask a Student: What to bring on your trip
25 July Duquesne: Pre-Arrival, Session 2
For additional details about the programs being offered by these institutions, availability of scholarships, fees, IELTS and other requirements, education agents and students may check out the EduCo Course Finder.