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EduCo welcomes Stevens Institute of Technology, gives students access to well-regarded graduate programs

(Melbourne, VIC and Hoboken, N.J. – 27 July 2020) EduCo International expands its graduate study opportunities through a new partnership with Stevens Institute of Technology, a leading private, technology-focused university in New Jersey.

The newly forged partnership gives EduCo’s international student cohort access to an impressive lineup of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) graduate programs; most of which have Optional Practical Training (OPT) components available. “Stevens is a fantastic institution for international students to complete a master’s degree. They are ranked #74 national universities in the U.S., are one of the top 15 universities for internships and are a mere five miles away from New York,” says Jim Panos, EduCo SVP in the USA.

Stevens Institute of Technology is a technology-focused institute with a rigorous engineering curriculum established in 1870 by the family of Edwin A. Stevens. The Stevens family contributed a host of technical innovations said to have shaped the face of American engineering forever.

Today, Stevens continues to deliver a globally significant impact through the accomplishments of its alumni. From Bubble wrap, the Gantt chart and the Nobel Prize-winning discovery of the neutrino, Stevens faculty and students produce groundbreaking solutions in engineering, cybersecurity, medicine and other critical disciplines.

EduCo students will also benefit from studying at Stevens because of its compact and close-knit community and a diverse international student cohort comprising over 60% of the 3,500 graduate students. In addition to a diverse student community, the Schaefer School of Engineering and Science and the School of Systems and Enterprise’s graduate programs are all OPT STEM eligible. These programs will allow international students with an opportunity to gain academic knowledge and valuable post-graduation work experiences in their related fields. The Stevens Career Centre ranks #11 Best Career Placement, 2020 by the Princeton Review, hosts three, well-attended career fairs every year and is available to both graduating student and alumni.

The partnership provides Stevens access to EduCo’s global network of education professionals and students in more than 30 countries. Students, on the other hand, will receive guidance and ongoing support in accessing and successfully completing a highly regarded and valuable Stevens graduate program.