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EduCo launches online learning platform for education agents worldwide

EduCo launches EduCo Online Learning (EOL), an online learning platform that enables education agents in various parts of the globe to enhance their knowledge on the unique attributes of each partner institution in Australia, Canada, Ireland and the United States as well as develop their recruitment skills.

The EOL platform is brief and informative, and more importantly, it can be accessed by all EduCo agent partners, both existing and incoming. According to John Dizon, VP for Sales Operations and Enablement, “The EduCo Online Learning platform is a gateway to a wide array of training videos presented by subject matter experts and helps our agents build useful knowledge about our institutions, study destinations, student life and learning opportunities.”

New agent partners will be sent a welcome email that includes links to the videos relevant to their contracted institutions. “Knowledge and skills are essential to achieving our shared vision of moving international education forward,” Dizon adds, “and developing a learning platform that is accessible across the different time zones and locations and producing courses that do not take too much time away from their most important role, which is providing students advice, is the only way to do it.”
The EOL platform provides a short quiz at the end of each session. Education agents will be given a special certificate of recognition of their newly-acquired knowledge and skills once they have completed the training. They only need to watch videos of institutions that they have partnership agreements with. The results will then be sent to the agent’s email address along with the certificate.
Education agents can take advantage of EduCo Online Learning by simply clicking on this link: