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EduCo launches its new brand

EduCo International has launched its new brand this week. Bannering a new catchphrase, “Education Connected”, the company marks the rebrand as a milestone that articulates EduCo’s identity as a global company and its role as a connector, helping students from all over the world gain access to the best tertiary education and develop a successful career.

“We wanted the brand to truly represent the globally connected business that we are today,” says Julia Tracewski, SVP of Marketing and Conversion. Julia, along with a brand taskforce made up of members from EduCo’s global business units and the Marketing team carefully planned the rebrand over several months. “We wanted to spend some time really delving deeper on what makes us unique and through the process, we’ve even managed to answer the most important question of all – what the heck does EduCo mean?” she quips.


The EduCo story

EduCo is also celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. The new brand testifies to the ongoing EduCo story since its founding in 2010.

EduCo began as a higher education provider ten years ago by acquiring private colleges in Melbourne and Vancouver, offering tertiary degrees in business as well as hospitality management. Soon after, it operated Southern Cross University branch campuses in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. While in the United States, EduCo forged partnerships with some of its most highly regarded and highly ranked universities. Then came the opportunity to establish partnerships in Ireland, where EduCo now has four well-regarded university partners.

Today, EduCo is a globally connected team of international education experts working together across campuses, countries and continents. It owns and operates campuses, delivers pathway programs and partners with universities to help them reach a global audience. Julia adds, “But what truly makes us unique as an organisation is our personal focus, our flexible size, our strong relationships, our track record and most of all, our worldwide connections and networks.”


The journey ahead

One of EduCo’s biggest strengths is its expertise in developing equitable global partnerships, enabling recruitment partners and students to achieve the best study and career outcomes while remaining flexible enough to deliver an individual approach to each student’s educational experience.

After years of supporting institutions in growing their global reach and delivering higher education services to international students, EduCo is setting its sights on a fresh and far-reaching mandate: To provide opportunities for everyone to access the very best international tertiary education and help them develop a successful career.

“With EduCo’s new brand, I feel we capture the energy of our company and the enthusiasm of our recruitment teams as well as campus staff better. True to the brand spirit of “Education Connected”, it took a group of hard-working individuals to reach this point. We are extremely proud of what we’ve come up with,” Julia notes.