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EduCo launches 2018 International Study Guide

EduCo International Group has launched its 2018 International Study Guide, a 74-page comprehensive guide to higher education institutions in Australia, Canada, Ireland and the United States.
The pages are replete  with valuable information highlighting the best of each of the EduCo-owned as well as EduCo-partner institutions in terms of the best student cities in value for money, what with universities located in cities considered among the world’s top destinations. Also included are the educational institutions’ highly-specialised teaching and mentoring methods as well as hundreds of course offerings and topnotch programs for international students.
It also features student communities, campus clubs and organisations that celebrate diversity  as well as helpful tips in navigating through a new city with a wide mix of world famous international cuisines and street food that cater to a diverse palate and budget.
Several pages have been devoted to stunning photographs of university and college campuses , testimonials from students and alumni who have been impacted greatly by their globally-recognised degrees, and useful tips from the esteemed local EduCo directors and managers  of all four study destinations.
The schools’ facilities including library resources, computer engineering and electrical engineering laboratories, recreational, sports and fitness centres were also presented.
The brochure comes with a quick reference guide on offered programs, English proficiency requirements, tuition fees, intake schedules, and scholarships which are presented in a way that makes for easy readability and comparability.
“It is a perfect guide for students and parents wanting their kids to get a good international education from any of the 14 EduCo-owned and partner institutions, whether in Australia, Canada, Ireland or the United States,”  Senior Vice President  for Global Marketing Adam Roberts said.
All of the EduCo-partner institutions are highly-ranked universities and colleges and have competent and friendly staff on campus who provide guidance in making the student experience as seamless as possible. The 2018 International Study Guide further offers international students the merits of learning about a different culture and discovering a new destination while earning a globally-recognised degree. The following are some of the factors that students need to consider in studying overseas:

Planning ahead

International students have to look at their options depending on their current educational level and decide to go for English pathway to kick-start their language proficiency and proceed on to their bachelor or graduate degree programs.

Availability of finances

While there are part time work options available in most countries, students are required to have adequate funds to finance their education for at least 12 months.

The application process

There are thousands of EduCo staff in 17 countries worldwide who provide assistance to students in getting an English proficiency test, submitting applications to the school of their choice and getting a student visa.

Student visa requirements

International students are guided by EduCo representatives worldwide in applying for a visa and preparing the supporting documents once their application has been accepted by the school.

Travel time!

More than getting ready for the trip, students are encouraged to read up on student life in the city and campus of their choice, prepare for weather changes, and understand what they can and cannot do on a student visa including work privileges while attending school.
The online version of the 2018 International Study Guide can be viewed or downloaded from the EduCo Partner Portal. Hardcopies will also be available through the designated Recruitment and Marketing Managers soon.