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EduCo Ireland holds agent event, launches IT Sligo in Nigeria

EduCo Ireland Senior Vice President Jacob Kestner was in Nigeria recently to speak at the Ireland Destination School Live Event and introduce IT Sligo to education agents.

SVP Jacob Kestner with education agents in Nigeria

The event was held at the Sheraton Hotel in Nigeria where some 35 education agents attended. Among those present were education agents from Options Education Ltd, Naocett Team and MCIS. IT Sligo Nigeria representative Joseph Ogun was also present during the launch. Agents from outside Nigeria such as Kenya, Ghana, Zimbabwe and Cameroon attended a separate online session the day prior to the live event.

Ireland as a viable study destination

EduCo Regional Manager Ayo Lasisi (middle) with the Ample Life agents

Mr Kestner talked about the advantages of sending students to Ireland to study in terms of affordability of tuition fees and cost of living, completing a globally-recognised degree with internship opportunities for most degree programs, applying for a stay-back option after graduation and a chance apply for permanent residency status after working for five years on a work permit or working visa.
IT Sligo recruitment team in Nigeria

The event was facilitated by Ayo Lasisi, EduCo regional manager for Nigeria, who shares, “The feedback that we gathered after the two-day event was awesome. It was loved and enjoyed by all in attendance.”  Lasisi adds, “We got the commitment of the education agents to focus their efforts in sharing information about the study destination and push for enrolments.” 
Lasisi quoted the MCIS head, Mr Mayowa, who says, “We have not been actively promoting Ireland as a study destination as we didn’t know much about the Irish institutions. Now we know a fair bit about the beauty of Ireland, the quality of its educational system and the affordability of tuition fees and cost of living. It’s like we discovered a hidden treasure.” 
Education agents from Kenya, Ghana, Zimbabwe and Cameroon who attended the virtual event

Options Country Manager Oluseyi nee Areo also committed to increase their company’s recruitment efforts and triple their existing enrolment figures for Irish universities.
Tinuola Ojo, Naocett Team representative, says, “We are fully committed to support Mr Lasisi and ready to facilitate applications for Irish institutions after getting substantial information because of this event.”