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EduCo institutional support teams share insights with int’l students

EduCo’s global presence has been bolstered by its institutional support teams in areas where its schools and partner-institutions are located in Australia, Canada, Ireland and the United States. Locally based in their respective study destinations, these support teams are composed of a country director and campus managers who have been in the forefront of initiatives to make the student experience as seamless as possible in all of the 14 universities and colleges.
To help international students make the most of their studies, they have shared some of their ideas, summarised as follows:

Prioritising one’s studies and participating in class discussions

International students are in their university of choice to earn a globally-recongnised degree. Thus, their studies should be their main focus. They are, however, encouraged to participate in class and put their ideas across to stimulate discussions as well as add value to the group.

Getting involved in school activities or campus organisations

As much as possible, students need to get involved in all school activities to broaden their perspective as well as hone their leadership potential. A lot of them are away from their families and thus lack the emotional support that it provides. Joining a campus organisation is a good way to fill this gap. Students also get to feel a sense of belonging and satisfaction at having contributed their inputs.

Allocating time for review/study outside the classroom

Each campus has library facilities and online resources to help students with their studies. Students can also form small discussion groups, organise study sessions with buddies, and commit to library time.

Celebrating cultural diversity

Most campuses embrace multiculturalism by organising festivals that showcase the various cultural traditions of their students in terms of their costumes, cuisine, folk dances and other performing arts. This is a good opportunity to learn about each other’s culture.

Learning more about their chosen study destination

Students may visit local cafes, try out various cuisines or take a stroll into museums, wildlife parks and places of interest, just like a local. They can also do sightseeing and go on road trips with friends to familiarise themselves with the makeup of their surroundings. Better yet, they can watch or learn the country’s most popular spectator sport.

Building a network of connections

Students can form connections with  fellow students, work colleagues and internship program heads and, wherever possible, grab an opportunity to shadow industry captains and learn from their leadership styles. Students are allowed to work part-time while pursuing their degrees and this is a good start to developing those connections.
For Australia, student support is coursed through the campus-based directors and managers located in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. They are as follows:

Melbourne campuses

Francesca MacPherson, Cambridge International College-Higher Education
Scott Robertson, Strathfield College Melbourne
Annie Vassil, Southern Cross University Melbourne

Sydney campuses

Jason McGovern, Southern Cross University Sydney
Scott Robertson, Strathfield College Sydney

Perth campus

Marita Naude, Southern Cross University Perth