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The EduCo Course Finder: A user-friendly tool for student counsellors launched today

EduCo International Group launches today the EduCo Course Finder – a user-friendly tool for student counsellors and education agents in providing accurate and timely advice to international students on the best study program options, offering them a comprehensive listing of over 1,000 courses from 14 higher education institutions in Australia, Canada, Ireland and the United States.

Easy-to-compare features

“The Course Finder is a useful guide for education agents as they help international students and their parents decide on a particular course or field of study,” explains SVP for Global Marketing Adam Roberts. “It is also a handy and practical tool for comparing affordability price points that are critical to deciding on a program, institution or study destination.”
Education agents can assist students and their parents to easily compare programs and generate information on available scholarships, entry requirements, costs and start dates by simply adding their programs of choice to the compare list.

Informative details on various fields of interest

Student counsellors and education agents can further advice international students who are undecided on a particular program. The Course Finder has a dedicated section describing certain areas of study that are popular among international students:

  1. Accounting

  2. Business

  3. Engineering and related technologies

  4. Food, hospitality and personality services

  5. Information technology and computer science

  6. Marketing

  7. Mathematics

  8. Sciences

  9. Chemical engineering

  10. Civil engineering

  11. Information systems security

  12. Mechanical engineering

They can simply click on the students’ area of interest and get the details that they need. They can also email the information to the student or parent while talking to them on the phone and cut back on time required to put together a presentation material.