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Education agent Jefferson Gutierrez discusses life as an education agent and achieving great success

Jefferson Gutierrez is one of EduCo’s valued education agent partners based in Colombia, working  full-time as cultural director of Fundación Mundo Colombia. He describes himself as a very hard working person who likes to give his best in everything that he does. He embraces every training session from his agency as an opportunity to learn and connect more with his clients and industry colleagues.

Jefferson Gutierrez (left) with Fundacion Mundo Colombia agency owner Freddy Barreto during an ICEF dinner in Bogota, Colombia.

“I study the institutions that we’re promoting. I get motivated talking with people and knowing about how I could serve their needs,” he says. Jefferson is always mindful of the way he conducts himself. He listens to what students need and offers them the best possible option. He also takes into consideration the sentiments of the parents who are also part of the decision-making process.
His typical workday? Although he follows a certain routine, Jefferson says that every day is different as he meets with people with different requirements. He’s also very proactive in contacting people. “It is important for me to get in touch with them and help them as much as I can,” he adds, clarifying that it is his priority to make his clients understand the programs being offered by each school and what differentiates one from the other.
”A normal day in my job includes presenting our programs from the general to the most complex with a minimum of eight people for the day, answering their questions about all the programs that our agency offers,” he relates.
His idea of a productive day is when he sees satisfaction on the faces of his students who visit their office, especially when they find the right program for them. “I establish a close relationship with our clients. I take pride in making them happy with our programs and services. I also stay focused and I’m always mindful that happy customers can multiply our business through word-of-mouth. That’s a productive day for me.”

Jefferson (right) with international student David Lozano.

Jefferson still recalls the first time he was able to help a student apply in one of EduCo’s institutions. Prior to this, the student took almost a year looking at programs from the various institutions and learned as much as she could about the study destinations. With Jefferson’s help, she and her boyfriend eventually decided that they would enroll in the same university together to pursue their bachelor degrees. “It felt great to be able to accomplish something and at the same time find the right solution for my client/s.”
He is thankful for the support that he got from David Arango, EduCo’s regional recruitment and marketing director for Latin America and Europe. “Our collaborative efforts are great, especially since I haven’t been very long in my job,” Jefferson reveals.  “I have been studying the programs from EduCo institutions, and David has been a great help.”

Key takeaway

When asked about insights that he learned in his job, Jefferson says, I have learned that I need to be prepared every day in order to offer to our students the best options because we are here not just to sell programs. Our mission is to see our applicants satisfied with their programs.” 
 Jefferson’s tips on being productive at work are summarised as follows:

  1. Attend every training session offered, to improve and build on your skills.

  2. Stay focused and be mindful of every client’s requirements.

  3. Pause to celebrate your accomplishments, big or small. It is a validation of all your efforts.

  4. Study each program carefully and make sure that what you’re recommending is the best option for students and their parents. They’re investing their money and time and they deserve to get the best value.

  5. Learn as much as you can and observe your experienced colleagues in the way they deal with clients.

  6. Have a daily routine especially in activities that meet agency targets. I always prioritise the most important tasks. I try to organise them in my personal agenda and select the time for every single function. This applies not only to my job but also in my personal life.

  7. Conversely, vary the order of your tasks from time to time to avoid monotony from the regular routine without losing sight of the end goal.

  8. Stay close to the daily target of meeting at least eight clients a day and make sure that each one’s needs have been attended to and their questions addressed. My challenge is to complete my daily tasks. Sometimes time is not enough but I look for ways to simplify the work without sacrificing quality.

  9. Share updates with the team. They need to see how each of your roles fit in the bigger picture. Their inputs are also valuable.

  10. Offer help on days when your own workload is a bit light. It builds teamwork and camaraderie.

  11. Learn how to relax. Life is full of stresses. Sometimes I get stressed in trying to meet my goals. But I have been working all my life under pressure so I just try to stay focused and set aside any bad feeling or thoughts that may hamper my work.

  12. Pursue your hobbies with a passion, much like your passion for your work. I am passionate about the opportunity to talk to people and work with them because I love my job. I use my free time to play bowling, ride my bicycle and go to the church to talk with God. It is not so easy to set aside time for these activities but it makes for a balanced life.

  13. Inject fun into your life. I love sports and the cinema; also, dancing and spending time with my beautiful daughter is my idea of fun!

  14. Take enough rest and sleep. Then start the next day with the determination to meet or even surpass the daily targets that lead to monthly goals.