A degree in Engineering is a rigorous exercise in numeracy, logical thinking and problem-solving that is applied to specialised disciplines like civil engineering, mechanical, electrical, chemical, geodetic, aeronautical engineering and many others. Regardless of the specialisation chosen by the student, he or she learns how to design, build, use, maintain and improve material assets—like engines, machines and structures—with a strong foundation in scientific as well as mathematical principles. Engineering graduates also find themselves equipped to take on management or consultancy roles because of their technical expertise.

Job Outcomes:

  • Engineer (specialising in a field)
  • Operations, Supply Chain and Logistics Manager
  • Technical Consultant
  • Industrial Research & Development
  • Manufacturing & Production

Valuable skills:

  • Computer modelling
  • Mathematical reasoning
  • Systems design
  • Data analysis
  • Technical writing
  • Engineering management
  • Legal and safety compliance
  • Project management
  • Equipment and system calculation
  • Prototyping

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