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College of Osteopathic Medicine at Duquesne University to open in 2023

Duquesne University’s goal to integrate curing with caring will soon be realised with the plan to open the College of Osteopathic Medicine on campus in time for the 2023 Fall semester. The accreditation process for osteopathic medical schools can take up to three years.

Once established, the first batch of 75 students will become pioneers on campus for what will be known as the second medical school in Pittsburgh and the first Catholic osteopathic medical school in Pennsylvania. It is looking at a full capacity of 600 students who will eventually become doctors of osteopathic medicine. These doctors are expected to meet the needs of a vast number of communities whose basic medical requirements are unmet due to a lack of GPs or family doctors serving in their area.

Duquesne President Ken Gormley relates, “This major leap forward for Duquesne, Pittsburgh and our region is a bold move that recognises how health care requires new kinds of practitioners. Training highly-qualified family doctors is directly aligned with our mission as a Spiritan University.”

He also points out that given Duquesne’s broad strengths in integrative health-in pharmacy, nursing, natural sciences and health sciences, the university is well suited to serve this need in Pittsburgh as well as Pennsylvania in general.

In terms of the university’s readiness and preparation, Duquesne’s Provost David Dausey explains, “We have planned well for this move and will succeed in creating this resource at Duquesne. We envision a school of medicine that ties together interprofessional opportunities across all of our health programs.”

He adds that the vision for the school is tied to integrative health and medicine. “Integrative medicine considers the medical practitioner and the patient as partners not only in healing but also in prevention and general wellness. At the core, we seek a leader to educate medical students to look at the mind, body and spirit of their patients, to be with them and to listen to their concerns. While such practice certainly is about curing, it is equally about caring,” he concludes.

Education agents and students who wish to enquire about the program may contact International Admissions Coordinator Megan Evangeliste.