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CIC unveils new logo

CIC Higher Education has rebranded and unveiled its new logo to reflect the renewed dynamism and focus of the College. The launch was held at the CIC campus during a gathering of education agents, students, faculty, administrators and staff on 25 July.

The event kicked off with Campus Manager Francesca Macpherson welcoming the attendees and highlighting the team’s bottom-up approach to strategic planning and program implementation and how they have arrived at the decision to rebrand with a new logo.
“We want to drive an increased awareness of CIC as a highly-respected institution of higher learning, empowering our students with employment ready skills, creating opportunities for campus community engagement and providing a variety of courses that will keep our graduates relevant and marketable in an evolving job market,” Mrs Macpherson relates.
She revealed some of CIC’s rebranding initiatives which started with the transfer to the new campus at 108 Lonsdale Street – a move that signalled fresh beginnings and new developments that are crucial to the execution of the institution’s strategy.

A new vibrant image. A new resolve. A fresh take on CIC’s aspirations and youthful energy.

The rebranding from Cambridge International College to CIC Higher Education, according to Mrs Macpherson, was a result of her team’s efforts to identify niche areas for the institution to grow, improve and expand its network.
In its video presentation detailing the rebranding components, the CIC team reiterated that a new logo reflecting the fresh brand image will support their strategic plan and inject excitement into the campus. The team further explained that the rebranding does not just come with the physical transfer to a new building or a change in the institution’s logo.
“We are not looking to reinvent the wheel but put a new take on how to bring CIC to the next level and make a difference in how we are perceived as an institution of higher learning especially by our current and future students, alumni, lecturers, staff and the external community whom we have interactions with,” she says.
The launch was attended by Dean and Principal Executive Officer Peter Cartwright, Admissions Director Tim Costigan, Careers Coach Sandra Emslie, Student Welfare Officer Randolph Monteiro and Recruitment Managers Shearlene Teo and Neema Dhayan. EduCo was represented by CEO Joff Allen, SVP for Global Marketing Adam Roberts and Brand and Communications Manager Grace Soria.