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CGU's Financial Engineering program ranks in top 30

For the fifth year in a row, EduCo U.S. partner institution Claremont Graduate University (CGU) has featured in QuantNet’s Best Financial Engineering Programs rankings. CGU’s Financial Engineering program is ranked at number 28 among programs in Financial Engineering, Mathematical Finance and Quantitative Finance in North America.

QuantNet, the world’s largest and most recognized online community for individuals in the financial engineering, quantitative finance and big data analysis industries, surveyed program administrators, hiring managers, corporate recruiters and finance professionals to determine the 2017 rankings.

As the first Financial Engineering program on the West Coast, CGU’s program provides a unique mathematics and finance curriculum that gives students the skills to evaluate and design complex financial products, while preparing for careers in risk management, investment, banking, corporate finance and much more.

In addition to the new QuantNet rankings, CGU’s Financial Engineering program has been ranked number 16 by TFE Times. CGU has nine program ranked as Best Graduate School Programs by U.S. News & World Report for Best Graduate School Programs in Education, Fine Arts, Public Affairs, Math, Economics, English, History, Politics and Policy, and Psychology.

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