Claremont Graduate University

CGU’s Drucker School of Business ranks in the Top 50

Eduniversal Group has named Claremont Graduate University’s (CGU) Drucker School of Management in the top 50 and top 100 categories of graduate business programs across several areas, including the Master of Business Administration and Executive Master of Business Administration (MBA) fields.

The French-based Eduniversal Group offers an annual assessment of almost 4000 master’s degrees and business programs around the world. For the Drucker School to rank so highly in its studies reflects the School’s strengths.

“We are thrilled that the quality of our programs has been recognised in Eduniversal’s latest rankings”, said Drucker Dean Jenny Darroch. “We are a small, hardworking, optimistic school with a ‘little engine that could’ attitude. We are so pleased to have this recognition as the 2016–2017 academic year comes to an end. This is the way to finish the semester on a high note.”

According to Eduniversal, the Executive MBA programs is ranked at number 38 globally, and the MBA program at number 39 in a different category. Other Drucker programs included in the rankings are arts management and financial engineering.

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Original article published: Claremont Graduate University (2017, 18 May) Drucker School Ranks in Top 50, Top 100 Eduniversal Categories. Retrieved from: