Cambridge International College

Celebrating Christmas with karaoke and more

Students excitedly assembled in the Level 5 Student Lounge on a December 5 afternoon to take part in CIC Melbourne’s Karaoke Christmas Concert. It was a Christmas party and a year-end feast rolled into one musical treat! The celebration could not have come at a better time for the students as it served as a welcome break from books, lectures, and exams. During this event, all they had to worry about were singing, dancing, and eating!

CIC was well-pleased to see its students share their talents in performing. Ahsan Iftikhar and Faiza Irfan, both from Pakistan, serenaded the audience with their scintillating song numbers. Colby Kwong of Hong Kong wowed the crowd with his slick magic tricks. Rajwinder Kaur of India, meanwhile, dazzled everyone with a dance number. A couple of more students followed suit and others simply enjoyed watching while feasting on the delicious snacks served.

A Christmas party isn’t complete, though, without a visit from Santa. Saint Nick dropped by and said hi to the students and faculty present. All in all, everyone had a great time. Hopefully, there will be another Karaoke Christmas Concert next year!