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University of Nebraska announces plan to roll out a world-class engineering program by 2023

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln is gearing up to reinforce its engineering programs to attract and keep the smartest students and academics as well as maintain the university’s world-class standards. To do this, the university is poised to start its massive renovation and rebuilding project in October for the first phase.

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Students get the benefits of a traditional American college experience at Duquesne and Nebraska

A recent study of student populations in US college cities has shown that Pittsburgh ranks second largest when it comes to the number of college students living and studying in the city with 95,436 students, and Lincoln is ranked the third largest, with 52,609 students.

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Duquesne University, EduCo in the United States, New Jersey Institute of Technology, University of Nebraska Lincoln

EduCo’s U.S. institutions build a stronger relationship with students via webinars

Three of the five EduCo-partner institutions in the United States – Duquesne University (DQU), New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) and University of Nebraska–Lincoln (UNL) – are holding webinars to forge a strong relationship with students even before they arrive on campus. These webinars aim to equip students and education agents with knowledge about the

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UNL offers 50% scholarships, paid research work

International students can still apply for enrolment in the University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s Fall 2019 intake and avail of up to 50% scholarships. They can also qualify on their second year to apply for paid opportunities doing research along with their professors. This was disclosed by Julia Tracewski, marketing director of EduCo U.S. operations, after Nebraska’s

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