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Southern Cross University announces year-end holidays and back-to-class schedules

Classes at the Southern Cross University Melbourne, Sydney and Perth branch campuses will close for the year-end holiday season from 17 December to 4 January 2019. Ben McCully, SVP for Southern Cross University Partnership, made the official announcement, which was also communicated to students by the respective campus administrators of the three campuses. A skeletal staff,

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Regional Recruitment Manager Santy Ramasamy on why running an office with an open door works

Santy Ramasamy, regional recruitment manager of Southern Cross University Perth, says she enjoys running an office with open doors, constant feedback, and lots of energy and activity. And why not? She is committed to building something larger than just recruiting international students, and thus, puts aside personal gain for the well-being of the group. She

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Gregory Smith: From forest dweller to university lecturer and book author

ABC television channel recently featured the heartwarming success story of Southern Cross University professor Gregory Smith who proved that anyone can overcome the greatest of life’s adversities and emerge successful. By unshackling himself of a long-held destructive self-image, Dr Gregory Smith made peace with the demons of his past. As a young boy, he suffered

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Ben McCully joins EduCo as SVP for Southern Cross University Partnership

Ben McCully joins the EduCo Executive Committee as Senior Vice President for the Southern Cross University Partnership, which operates three campuses – Southern Cross University Sydney, Southern Cross University Melbourne and Southern Cross University Perth – in the three key Australian cities. Prior to joining EduCo, Mr McCully occupied various roles in the international education

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