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Study destination an important factor in student recruitment

In 2018, EduCo achieved a milestone with more than 30,000 students from China, India and South Asia, Southeast Asia, Latin America, Africa and Europe applying to study at an EduCo institution. This year, the company plans to sustain this growth across all 16 partner and EduCo-owned institutions in four study destinations: Australia, Canada, Ireland and

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Studying for a Master’s degree in Ireland: Guidelines for int’l students with a 3-year Bachelor’s degree

Navigating through the international education system is never easy especially for students who are on their initial year in a new country. EduCo Ireland Managing Director Jacob Kestner encourages education agents to inform students and guide them in the process. “Our education agents are already doing a fantastic job especially with our pathway programs, which

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How MU’s €2.8M grant will benefit international students

International students will benefit from a number of high-impact innovation projects that Maynooth University is developing to transform student experiences, build competitiveness and deliver value for the education sector after the university has received a €2.8M grant from the Innovation and Transformation Program 2018. Maynooth University has developed a range of new, future-oriented programs for

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DCU launches health and well-being charter for students

Dublin City University recently launched the DCU Healthy Charter, a set of guidelines designed to coordinate efforts to promote the health and well-being of students and staff across all three campuses in Glasnevin, St Patrick’s College and All Hallows College. The health and well-being charter is part of the university’s goal of becoming a Health

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