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How Southern Cross University looks after international students

Students of Southern Cross University have access to support services which, among others, inform them of their work rights while pursuing their studies. International students are allowed to work part time for 20 hours a week while attending classes and 40 hours a week during term breaks to help defray the cost of living. Among

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Academic awards beef up student resumes 

Southern Cross University Melbourne, Perth and Sydney campuses recently held their respective recognition day ceremonies to award students who finished their second term 2018 with flying colours. “Some university graduates don’t have much work experience to put in their resumes; thus students who earn high marks while pursuing their studies can beef up their resumes

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Stephanie Korilis named SCU Melbourne campus manager

Stephanie Korilis has been named the new campus manager for Southern Cross University Melbourne. Stephanie has eight years of work experience in the tertiary education sector and describes herself as a passionate and driven individual who is always looking for a new challenge. “I like to be open, innovative and brave to trial and implement

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Int’l student recruitment strategies for education agents

In this increasingly competitive digital landscape, education agents have to find creative ways and means of stretching their budgets and making every engagement effort count. This means using multiple channels to keep marketing going 24/7 especially in the face of competition from other education agencies, academic institutions and city councils actively promoting their own location.

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Acsenda celebrates Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day

February has been a busy month for students of Acsenda School of Management. They marked the Lunar New Year on 5 February and Valentine’s Day on 14 February with a get-together, sharing greetings, gifts and food over fun and games. Both events were shared with Acsenda faculty and staff. Acsenda especially held the celebration of

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