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Guest speakers providing industry insights and perspectives at Arbutus

An important part of the international student learning experience is getting to hear from industry professionals. Guest speakers provide a level of insight and a perspective that cannot be learned from reading a textbook; they are able to reflect on their own personal experiences as a working professional and offer examples of how theories can…

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Social media marketing: doing it right

Social media has radically changed the world and the way we interact with each other in the past five years. It has also changed the way businesses communicate with their customers. Now and in the future, being trained in digital and social media marketing will be an increasingly in demand skill that employers are looking…

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Arbutus College offering international students work placement opportunities in Canada

The opportunity to undertake a work placement as part of a postsecondary qualification is a contributing factor for many students when considering their higher education institution. Co-op programs are particularly popular due to enhancing the learning experience; they integrate what students are learning in the classroom with application of the same skills and knowledge in the…

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Arbutus College's tips for student success

When each student commences at Arbutus College, they receive their Student Handbook. The Student Handbook can be used as a guide for students throughout their time at Arbutus College and is full of information on topics including: living in Vancouver as an international student what is expected of them during their time at the College,…

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Hospitality Co-Op Diploma is the most popular course at Arbutus

There has been an increase in the number of students studying the Hospitality Co-Op Diploma Program at Arbutus College, making it the most popular course offered. In response, they surveyed their students to find out why there was an increase in demand and discovered what the students enjoy the most about studying at Arbutus: Fixed schedules…

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