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SCU Sydney students

Southern Cross University’s success with international students

Southern Cross University in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth has recently been designated as a Level 1 institution. To talk about this great piece of news, we spoke with Ben McCully, Senior Vice President of the Southern Cross University Partnership and the man who very skillfully oversees all three branch campuses. Ben also shares what international…

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Southern Cross University issues GTE and admissions guide for agents

Southern Cross University has introduced a quicker and more efficient way for education agents to determine entry requirements for its Melbourne, Perth and Sydney branch campuses by launching the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) and admissions guidelines (GAG).

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Postgraduate Qualifying Program – a more accessible option towards a graduate degree at Southern Cross University

International students who wish to pursue a Master’s degree at Southern Cross University’s Sydney, Perth and Melbourne campuses but do not meet entry requirements can now enrol in the Postgraduate Qualifying Program (PQP), a new program that serves as a pathway to a graduate degree.

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Francesco Vacca: A well-rounded IT student at SCU Perth

In his web profile, he simply calls himself ‘an Italian in Western Australia’, but Southern Cross University student, Francesco Vacca, holds an incredibly diverse background, and exciting future forward once he shortly completes his degree in Information Technology at our Perth Campus.

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EduCo honours 85 education agents, awards Southern Cross University Perth’s Top 10

EduCo recently honoured education agents and recognised 10 of its top education counsellors in a luncheon at Hotel Pan Pacific Perth. The Appreciation Lunch was attended by at least 85 onshore education agents that supported Southern Cross University Perth campus every school term since its opening in July last year. EduCo’s Chief Financial Officer Roo…

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Regional Recruitment Manager Santy Ramasamy on why running an office with an open door works

Santy Ramasamy, regional recruitment manager of Southern Cross University Perth, says she enjoys running an office with open doors, constant feedback, and lots of energy and activity. And why not? She is committed to building something larger than just recruiting international students, and thus, puts aside personal gain for the well-being of the group. She…

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SCU Perth experiences record enquiry levels

Southern Cross University Perth has been experiencing a very high volume of enquiries from prospective students, both onshore and offshore. Hundreds of international students have been actively seeking information on the attributes of the university along with its facilities to determine whether it is the right fit for them. This development came on the heels of…

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Great potential for women in technology at SCU Perth

There is a special place for female international students at Southern Cross University’s “Women in Technology” program. The advocacy program, through its coordinator, offers support and advice for women entering the information and communication technology (ICT) industry. It also holds regular networking events for female students enrolled in Bachelor of Information Technology. A lot of…

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