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Canada recruitment team joins ICEF Miami Conference

Director of Student Recruitment and Marketing (Onshore) Lidija Lazarevic and (Offshore) Tanja Milosevic recently represented the Acsenda School of Management to the 11th ICEF Conference attended by at least 600 educators, student recruitment agents and education service providers at Loews Miami in the United States on 9-11 December.

The International Consultant for Education and Fairs (ICEF) organises networking events worldwide to connect international education institutions such as EduCo and its partner institutions like Acsenda and Arbutus in Canada with student recruitment agents in their effort to assist students who wish to study abroad.

Prior to the 3-day event, Lidija and Tanja booked appointments with major education agents especially those with a successful track record of placing students at North American institutions. They each had back-to-back meetings lasting for 25 minutes per agency for the duration.

“We had meetings booked from the morning until the evening. Needless to say, we lost our voice afterwards,” Lidija laughingly reveals. They did, however, accomplish their purpose of building new relationships and strengthening relationships with current agents both onshore and offshore. “We also got to update them on the developments in both campuses as well as our student engagement activities that enhance the study experience,” she adds.