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Canada, one of the world’s best in education and quality of life

The education horizon of the world’s second-largest country has never looked more promising. More and more students from different parts of the globe are coming to Canada for opportunities of a global education. As of Autumn 2017, the total number of international students studying in Canada has reached roughly 192,000, equivalent to an almost 11% jump in the number of overseas enrolments.1
According to the Canadian Bureau of International Education,2 most of these overseas enrolments come from China, India, South Korea, France, USA, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Japan, and Brazil. Other emerging markets of international students include Mexico, Vietnam, Turkey, Iran, and Pakistan. The Canadian government welcomes this trend as part of its plan to further boost the number of international students to 450,000 by 2022.3
Canada maintained its #2 ranking as a “Best Country” in the U.S. News & World Report list, just behind Switzerland which remained #1. Meanwhile, Canada is #3 in the sub-ranking for “Best Countries for Education” and #1 in its “Best Countries for Quality of Life” sub-ranking.
These trends and citations demonstrate how Canada is a haven for international students. With its high-quality education system, stable economy and job market, safety, as well as diversity and equality, students will find themselves in a healthy environment for learning and growth.