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Canada a most popular study destination among education agents in 2019

In a survey conducted among over 2,000 educations agents from 119 countries, Canada emerged as the most popular study destination being recommended by 55% of education agents in 2019 compared with 48% in 2018 in spite of the perceived difficulty of obtaining visas particularly for work and travel study programs.

The ICEF i-graduate Agent Barometer reveals that the 2019 survey represented an unusually large sample size for a qualified agent survey with agents highly recommending undergraduate and graduate studies, followed by English language and diploma programs. The agents’ program recommendations are as follows:

Top 15 Recommendations Programs Percentage of Referring Agents
1 Undergraduate Program 78%
2 Postgraduate Program 74%
3 English Language Program 68%
4/5 Diploma Program
MBA Program
6 University Foundation Program 59%
7 Pathway Program 58%
8 Pre-Master’s / Postgraduate Qualifying Programs (PQP) Program 45%
9 Secondary and High School 44%
10 Vocational Diploma and Further Education Program 43%
11 Certificate / Foundation Program 41%
12 Other Language Program 30%
13 Work & Travel / Study Program 27%
14 Cultural Exchange Program 16%
15 University Distance Education / Online Learning Program 13%

The survey results validate the growing optimism among education counsellors for Canada as a study destination. Canada currently sits as the fourth biggest destination for international students and has continued to attract interest among agents, students and their parents. In the past few years, the country’s immigration laws have made it easier for students to come to Canada for their education requirements and have made the study experience memorable.