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Biotech company executive talks about her experience at Duquesne University

“The time I spent at Duquesne University is still one of the best years of my life,” recalls Bindu Dendukuri, a Master of Science in Biotechnology 2013 graduate and now chief executive officer of ForU International Private Limited back in India.
After completing her biotechnology degree, Bindu returned to her home country to take over the reins of the family business and put to good use what she has learned. ForU International is a wholesale trading company for high-volume, sustainable aquaculture chemicals.

Bindu points out that Duquesne University’s MS in Biotechnology is “an incredibly designed application-based program” that includes lectures from industry experts and projects that give great opportunities to broaden creativity, independent thinking and industry-relevant knowledge.

In addition, Duquesne University’s location in Pittsburgh is ideal. “It’s a fun city to be in during your 20s!”  Bindu qualifies that she had attended other universities in the United States. “But overall, Duquesne was the one that made me feel at home. More importantly, it prepared me for the real world as I completed my master’s degree in biotechnology.”

The Pittsburgh advantage

Pittsburgh, where Duquesne University is located, has been named by CNBC as the #1 U.S. city for young people and is ranked #1 among America’s 40 strongest job markets according to a joint report by Trulia and LinkedIn Index. The city is also ranked #3 for STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) jobs by WalletHub, citing a recent Career Builder Report that STEM will dominate the fastest-growing job positions in the next five years. This is a good opportunity for international students in these fields to plan for their future careers.

Amazing university support staff

Duquesne has warm, welcoming and engaging student support staff who are always ready to answer questions and offer help. “For students who move from a different part of the world all by themselves, the cultural acclimatisation and the feeling of belongingness are quite vital. Duquesne made me feel comfortable,” she adds.
Duquesne also plays a great role in supporting students academically by ensuring equal opportunity, room for growth and high-quality education. Unlike Bindu’s experience in India, Duquesne University does not put unnecessary academic or competitive pressure on students to compete against each other.
Every month, she relates, fellow international students in Duquesne arrange international mixers that honor cultures of different countries. They serve as a tremendous opportunity for international students to have fun, learn each other’s cultures, and feel at home.

From master’s degree holder to CEO

With big responsibilities now resting on her shoulders, Bindu is thankful for the opportunity to study abroad, broaden her knowledge in biotechnology and hone her management skills. She cites that the faculty at Duquesne University was a key factor in the success of her master’s program. “They are experts in academic research, in the core molecular biology part of the program and in real-world applications,” she says.
“A special shout-out must be given to Dr Alan Seadler for designing the program in such a way, for being an amazing mentor to students of all levels and for creating a classroom of fair opportunity and vibrant discussion,” she concludes.