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SCU Sydney students

Southern Cross University’s success with international students

Southern Cross University in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth has recently been designated as a Level 1 institution. To talk about this great piece of news, we spoke with Ben McCully, Senior Vice President of the Southern Cross University Partnership and the man who very skillfully oversees all three branch campuses. Ben also shares what international…

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Acsenda’s leadership programs bridge the gap between academics and practice

By Conley Mosterd   Acsenda School of Management is an institution that is committed to finding engaging ways to bring the classroom experience to life, preparing students for real-world business proceedings.   Through the frequent organisation of networking events, workshops, practicums and conferences, Acsenda proudly relies on a learning philosophy that embraces the importance of pragmatics, the method…

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The White House

What home feels like

By Rayann Ibasco   Since the Immigration Act of 1924 took effect, almost a century ago, the United States of America has been a beacon of hope to international students and their families, bringing the promise of better education, career opportunities and the fulfillment of the American dream.    Part of the country’s success as…

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How Acsenda handled the shift to blended learning

By Conley Mosterd   When COVID-19 hit Vancouver last March, Acsenda School of Management quickly adapted its teaching and services online, vacating the campus by month’s end. Acsenda’s rapid response to the pandemic was a result of its forward-thinking and long-going change management efforts through effective strategic planning.   Before COVID-19, Acsenda was predominantly focused…

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Why a Stevens OPT eligible, STEM-focused master’s degree is highly sought-after globally

International students from China, India, Colombia, Nigeria and a few other countries all agree that one of the main reasons why they study at Stevens Institute of Technology is to gain valuable post-graduation work experience through the Optional Practical Training (OPT). With two of its three Academic schools offering graduate programs that are OPT STEM…

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EduCo welcomes Stevens Institute of Technology, gives students access to well-regarded graduate programs

(Melbourne, VIC and Hoboken, N.J. – 27 July 2020) EduCo International expands its graduate study opportunities through a new partnership with Stevens Institute of Technology, a leading private, technology-focused university in New Jersey. The newly forged partnership gives EduCo’s international student cohort access to an impressive lineup of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) graduate…

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