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Australia overtaking UK for international students

Education agents for our Australian institutions can take advantage of the continuing trend of international students choosing Australia instead of the United Kingdom. The BBC News has recently reported a study done by the University College of London that Australia has overtaken the UK as the world’s second biggest destination for international students, following the United States. Current student enrolments from overseas is 112,000 for Australian universities and 92,000 for the United Kingdom.
The BBC News further noted that overseas students contributed £20bn to the UK economy. Australian institutions can cash in on this opportunity to grow their international student figures as well.

A welcome opportunity for education counsellors

“This development is very welcome for our 2,000 education counsellors in various parts of the globe,” says SVP for Global Marketing Adam Roberts, “as Australia continues to gain popularity as a destination for international students. Not only is Australia increasingly recognised for the quality of education and safe study environment, the opportunity to integrate career relevant experience into study is very valuable.”
EduCo has been opening its doors not only to Asian student markets in Nepal, Vietnam, China, India, Malaysia, Pakistan and the Philippines but also to European and South American countries through EduCo’s Australian institutions – CIC Higher Education Melbourne, Strathfield College and Southern Cross University’s Melbourne, Sydney and Perth campuses.
In a related development, the ABC News has also reported a 12 per cent increase in enrolment figures, now with 542,054 students based on the combined figures released by the Department of Education for Australian universities, private colleges, English language courses and schools.