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Beyond the exhibit marketing

Students enrolled in Arbutus College‘s international trade programs study the course BU228 – Beyond the Borders Exhibit Marketing. This course introduces students to trade shows and the benefits they offer in presenting a company’s product to the market.
Students learn about the two essential ingredients for trade shows: the hardware and the software. Hardware refers to the actual exhibit and materials – the physical means of creating the right image and attracting the right audience. The software includes the planning and implementation of programs required to facilitate face-to-face interaction.
As part of this course, students hold their own international trade show to put into practice what they’ve learnt in the classroom – this practical experience and the insights it provides are something Arbutus prides itself on. The trade show sees students break into groups to develop their company, their product or service, and work out their strategies and goals for the day. The trade show is attended by faculty, staff and other students and is always a fun and popular day on the student calendar.
Most recently, the international trade show happened in August and saw seven groups of students present their products to the campus. Check out photos from the day on Arbutus College’s Facebook page.