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Arbutus helps students make their next move

Getting a degree from a university or college may be daunting for many students. A number of high school seniors do not have the right grades to qualify for a bachelor’s programme. International students are worried about their modest English proficiency or are intimidated by the prospect of studying in a different cultural setting. Other students simply feel uncertain about their choice of degrees or programmes and would like to test the waters first.
This is where pathway courses come in. They provide students with a strong foundation for higher learning, facilitate cultural adaptation where needed, and help them assess whether a degree programme is suitable for them or not.
Those looking to study business or hospitality management, for example, will find Arbutus College particularly inviting. It offers diploma courses in Business Management and in Hospitality Management recognised by the Canadian Institute of Management and by the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AH&LA).
Moreover, Arbutus offers pathways from a diploma course to a university degree through education partner, Acsenda School of Management. Once students complete a Diploma in Business Management or a Diploma in Hospitality Management in Arbutus, they become eligible for credit transfers and qualified for the English proficiency requirements for Acsenda’s Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Hospitality Management, respectively.
Both Arbutus College’s diploma courses can be finished in six months. Upon completion of the Diploma in Business Management, twelve (12) block transfer credits are applied to the Bachelor of Business Administration programme at Acsenda. Meanwhile, once a student finishes a Diploma in Hospitality Management, six transfer credits to Acsenda’s Bachelor of Hospitality Management is guaranteed.