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Arbutus College's tips for student success

When each student commences at Arbutus College, they receive their Student Handbook. The Student Handbook can be used as a guide for students throughout their time at Arbutus College and is full of information on topics including:

  • living in Vancouver as an international student
  • what is expected of them during their time at the College, including their general conduct and behaviour
  • which member of staff is best placed to advise them on any queries or provide assistance if they need help
  • tips to help them succeed during their studies and improve their performance during their time at Arbutus.

The latter of this includes information which all potential international students might find interesting. Below, you will find a list of some of Arbutus College’s top tips for student success:

  1. Take notes

During class, it is important to take good notes. Notes help students to remember information and ideas discussed in class, as well as assist in identifying important information that may be on tests or useful in assignments.

  1. Reading

Prior to reading a chapter of a text book, it’s a good idea to scan the whole chapter first to understand the main points. When students have finished reading a section, writing down a short summary for that section will not only help them remember what they’ve just read but identify the important points.

  1. Essay writing

Essays will be a common assessment tool for a lot of subjects at Arbutus College. In an essay, students will be required to show how well they have understood a particular topic and use their critical thinking skills to discuss it. Essays should contain an introduction to a topic, a few main ideas and arguments to be made, evidence to support these, and a conclusion. Planning an essay well will lead to better results for students.

  1. Time management

Time management is so important to succeeding in studies. Students should make a long term schedule that includes all important dates and holidays. They should also create daily to-do lists and write out the things they need to do each day, ticking them off as they go.
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