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Arbutus College to get an online facelift

Arbutus College is poised to launch a website redesign before the close of 2017 as part of its continuous effort to communicate its brand effectively. Arbutus hopes to streamline its online content in a way that reflects its history and vision clearly to students both in and outside Canada.
Taking a cue from its very name, Arbutus—which is a Canadian native tree known to withstand severe weather conditions—Arbutus College aims for an online upgrade that meets today’s changing design standards while remaining true to its roots. In the same way that Arbutus offers flexible and relevant programmes for students in differing stages of their career paths, the goal is to make access to relevant information easier and more interactive than ever for all kinds of visitors to the website.
The Arbutus community is excited to share its revamped look with the online world soon.