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Arbutus College launches 2018-19 Student Viewbook

Arbutus College has just launched its 2018-19 Student Viewbook containing valuable information on the educational programs, application process, admission requirements, school fees, class schedules and intake dates as well as the benefits of graduating with an Arbutus credential.

Discovering students’ potentials

Dr. Alfredo Vazquez, director of the College, couldn’t emphasise enough the uniqueness of Arbutus College in the way its system is tailored to harness students’ individual potentials. “Our well-designed programs lead to better jobs for our graduates. We are a unique business college where communication skills are integrated with academic and professional education and training.”
He adds that the College is committed to ensuring that students improve their communication skills as they develop professional knowledge. “You [international students] will learn from the very best instructors who are well-recognised in their fields of expertise, build up your credentials by obtaining parallel accreditations from our educational partners and avail of networking opportunities to connect with local businesses through internships,” he concludes.

The Arbutus advantage

Arbutus College is located in downtown Vancouver, one of the top 5 most liveable cities in the world and known for its picturesque views, thriving entertainment, art and sports cultures as well as easy access to public transportation.
Dr Vazquez also points out that the success of students both in and out of the classroom is important to the College even as it provides a number of student services to ensure that their time at Arbutus is meaningful and enjoyable. The following are among the benefits of an Arbutus education:

  1. Convenient and manageable study schedules

  2. Guaranteed co-op placements

  3. Eligibility to work while studying

  4. Supportive staff and faculty who are experts in international student success

  5. Pathways to universities and other higher education providers

Offered credentials

Arbutus College enables students to acquire the following credentials:

Certificate programs

If students are undecided about a particular career, they may opt to take a certificate course in their field of interest. This usually involves 3 months of study on foundation subjects to help students develop a better understanding of the industry and of their career direction if they opt to continue studying in that field.

Diploma programs

These are courses suitable for students who know what career they want to pursue. They will develop an in-depth knowledge of their chosen field and the key skills that they need for career success. The College’s advanced diplomas also offer students the opportunity to pursue their studies at a partner institution such as the Acsenda School of Management, with transferable credits from Arbutus.

Specialisation programs

Honours diplomas and professional diplomas allow students to develop more advanced skills with a focus on an area of specialisation. This helps them build a greater depth of knowledge to take them further in their goal of pursuing a career in Business Management, Hospitality Management, International Trade, Marketing, or Translation and Interpreting (Japanese/English).

Practicum and work experience

This requires studying a credential with an industry-based work component. Voluntary work experience is a component of the students’ degrees which help them to build on the skills and knowledge they have acquired in the classroom. This is essential in today’s global workplace because most employers prefer graduates or job seekers with prior work experience when applying for jobs.

Co-op credentials

Arbutus College’ co-op credentials allow students to gain paid work experience in the industry while they study. This is a good opportunity for international students to gain a global perspective as they get exposed to the Canadian workplace as well as build their network of connections in the hope of landing their dream job once they graduate.

Admission requirements

  1. High school graduate or equivalent in another school system

  2. IELTS 5.0 or equivalent (Arbutus Placement Test)

For details, visit

How to apply

Students can download and fill out the PDF application form
For details, they may contact Arbutus College through the following:
In Canada: Arbutus College 473 West Hastings Street, Vancouver British Columbia V6B 1L4 or through email address [email protected]
Outside Canada: EduCo Recruitment Team

How to obtain the 2018-19 Student Viewbook

A free copy of Arbutus College’s 2018-19 Student Viewbook may be downloaded here or at the EduCo Partner Portal.