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Arbutus College offering international students work placement opportunities in Canada

The opportunity to undertake a work placement as part of a postsecondary qualification is a contributing factor for many students when considering their higher education institution. Co-op programs are particularly popular due to enhancing the learning experience; they integrate what students are learning in the classroom with application of the same skills and knowledge in the workplace.
In Canada, co-op and work placement programs are continuing to grow in popularity and can be run as part of an official partnership between a college or university and an employer. A study undertaken by the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario found that students who completed a co-op placement as part of their qualification were more satisfied with their studies and were also offered higher starting salaries after graduation due to having experience in the workforce already.
In Vancouver, EduCo institution Arbutus College offers its students the opportunity to undertake co-op and work placements as part of their programs. Those enrolled in these programs are guaranteed the opportunity to gain industry experience while they study for their Diploma in Hospitality, Business Management, International Trade or Marketing.
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