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Acsenda’s leadership programs bridge the gap between academics and practice

By Conley Mosterd


Acsenda School of Management is an institution that is committed to finding engaging ways to bring the classroom experience to life, preparing students for real-world business proceedings.


Through the frequent organisation of networking events, workshops, practicums and conferences, Acsenda proudly relies on a learning philosophy that embraces the importance of pragmatics, the method of taking what is learned in the classroom and applying it to the global job market at large.


One of the most interesting ways that Acsenda incorporates this philosophy into its educational offerings is through its leadership programs. With the development of Acsenda’s Student Ambassador program, the Student Society and the various campus clubs, Acsenda has created an internal ecosystem of accessible organisations for students.


It is through these organisations that students have been able to apply what they have learned in the classroom, ultimately simulating authentic managerial experiences.

Karanbir Brar, a 4th year Business Administration student concentrating in Human Resources and Accounting, has benefited from these programs.


Having joined the Student Society as a Member-At-Large in 2018, Karanbir quickly made a name for himself within the organisation. In just a matter of months, after the President of the Student Society stepped down, Karanbir, who was still a freshman then, was selected as the interim President.


“It was an opportunity I will cherish for the rest of my life,” he shares.


Neil Mort, the President of Acsenda School of Management, is proud to have witnessed Karanbir climb the ranks and positively contribute to the institution. “He has really made the most of his education at Acsenda School of Management and taken the opportunity to participate in a variety of learning experiences both in and outside the classroom,” he relates.


In addition to his many student leadership roles, Karanbir was a member and leader of the Acsenda HR team which competed in the Western Canadian Human Resources (CPHR) Case Competition, an event that included universities from across Canada.

Karanbir has since taken on other roles within the institution, including the position of CPHR Student Ambassador and leader of the Accounting club.


“Because of these leadership opportunities, I have been able to apply what I have learned in the classroom, especially my Organisational Behaviour and Organisational Development and Change courses, to real-world scenarios. It has been tremendously rewarding” Karanbir explains.


Early next year, upon graduation, Karanbir will enter the Vancouver job market with hopes of finding a career that combines HR and Accounting, with dreams of one day becoming an HR data analyst.


“This journey has been the definition of bridging work and study,” he says.


True to the meaning of ‘International thinking, Individual focus’, Acsenda reinforces its commitment in offering an inclusive educational experience that prioritises the individual and embracing the collaborative through its leadership programs.


By fostering an environment that mimics different organisational structures, Acsenda School of Management has developed an institutional roadmap that provides students with valuable hands-on management experience from within.



Conley Mosterd is Acsenda School of Management’s Communications Officer. He is responsible for managing Acsenda’s communications and lead generation strategies. In his spare time, he enjoys playing basketball, freediving and doomscrolling the New York Times mobile app.