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Acsenda students go hiking with President Mort at Lynn Canyon Park


Acsenda School of Management students are a fun-loving and adventuresome lot. Quite naturally, they’re just taking the lead of President Neil Mort who recently went hiking with them to Lynn Canyon Park in Vancouver’s northern district – the wintry season notwithstanding.

Lynn Canyon Park is a popular, pet-friendly spot for tourists and locals alike. It has a suspension bridge as a main attraction along with boardwalks and trails for hiking. It also houses the Lynn Canyon Ecology Centre which showcases interactive displays about the plants and animals of the temperate rainforest.

The weekend activity was a welcome opportunity for students to unwind after the gruelling weeks of studying and preparing for exams and year-end requirements. And what a grand time they had – enjoying each other’s company in a picturesque and relaxed setting.

Acsenda‘s management teams have been providing students with activities such as this that align with the educational institution’s ‘international thinking, individual focus’ philosophy. Acsenda’s Facebook page acknowledges this effort in its recent shoutout: “Thank you to president Neil Mort and Melissa Ethridge for showing us the beauty of Lynn Valley.”