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Acsenda recognising student achievements

Acsenda School of Management’s goal is to ensure students feel as though they are part of a community on campus. As part of this, the institution aims to ensure students are engaged in their studies and participate in the many extracurricular activities and societies available. To foster this engagement, Acsenda recognises students’ achievements by holding an awards ceremonies each term to celebrate students’ successes.
Not all the awards are based on academic achievement, with many recipients being acknowledged due to their dedication to bettering the Acsenda community:

  • Most improved student award is given to students who have shown marked improvement in academic performance and other learning outcomes from the previous term.
  • Promising student award is received  by students who are new to Acsenda (have just completed their first term) and who demonstrate exceptional potential and consistent hard work.
  • Conscientious student award is given to students who: volunteered or participated in extracurricular activities or peer tutoring without neglecting their studies; were respectful of others as well as compliant with the institution’s rules and policies; were actively involved in student clubs and societies.
  • Dedicated student award is for students who have consistently good academic performance and a positive attitude to their studies, accompanied by a strong desire to learn and grow.
  • Leadership award is received by students who have taken on active leadership roles in student clubs and societies, show an exemplary attitude and behaviour, are a positive influence on others and willing to mentor or tutor others.
  • Citizenship award is for achievements not covered in the above award categories such as representing Acsenda at external events, exhibited talents or attributes that added value to Acsenda’s learning environment or enhanced the learning experience of others, generous with their time and effort to lending a helping hand whenever requested.

Students who consistently attain very good grades (over two consecutive terms) are included on the coveted Dean’s Honour List and accordingly receive an award, while those who have never missed any classes and were never late receive the Perfect Attendance Award.
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