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Acsenda cares for student and alumni careers

Landing a job is not the ultimate measure of any graduate’s success. Flourishing in one’s chosen career is perhaps a better criterion. Success is not a fixed destination after all but is a continuous process of growth and development. Students should go beyond acquiring knowledge from their subjects just to find a suitable job later on. Graduates and alumni must constantly find ways to sharpen skills to stay relevant in the workplace and be suitable for bigger roles within the organisation.
With this in mind, Acsenda School of Management has been providing career support services to its students and alumni through the Acsenda Career Launch Pad. It is a programme designed to help current students plan and prepare for the Canadian job market, and assist alumni by giving insights for a clearer career progression. These are done through a series of skills development workshops that target the complex requirements of today’s companies.
Recently, the Acsenda Career Launch Pad opened sessions for Career Coaching and Testing, Resume and Job Application Letter Writing, and Job Interview Skills. All Acsenda students and alumni were invited to join these exclusive, free-of-charge workshops.