Accelerate combines technology, data and expertise to achieve your desired recruitment results. Here’s how it works:

  1. Once signed up, your university will have a dedicated page on Accelerate.
  2. Our recruitment partners will have access to your institution page and be able to understand your key differentiators, offerings, requirements and other details.
  3. International student enquiries and applications will go into the system and be screened by our in-market staff based on your admission requirements.
  4. Our recruitment partners will match these pre-screened students with your institution.
  5. Approved students in the pipeline will receive conversion support from our staff.

Watch this video to learn how Accelerate helps you reach the right students and scale up your international enrolments.

Diversify your student mix

We understand how important it is for your campus to host a thriving, multicultural mix of students. Diversifying your student mix allows for a rich educational experience, makes way for collaboration and leads to innovation in and beyond the campus. Diversity promotes a global mindset that benefits society at large.

Use Accelerate to target different student markets across the globe. Our on-ground presence in 20 countries and managed network of 3,000 professional recruitment specialists will complement your efforts.

Expand your global reach

We know how to help institutions like you that need to augment their recruitment and admissions efforts. Save on travel and manpower costs associated with meeting international students face to face. Go digital and let artificial intelligence do your work of tapping into key international student markets.

Use Accelerate to take advantage of technology that leverages a decade’s worth of student data and recruitment expertise.

Attract right-fit students

We recognise the significance of maintaining high student retention rates for your institution. Because international students from different parts of the world have various motivations for studying, we want to ensure that you attract students who have the best chance for retention success and the most to gain from your institution’s programs, services and opportunities.

Use Accelerate to target the right profile and quality of students for your campus.

Want to find out more?

Our intuitive recruitment platform, time-tested university supported model, and global presence in key international student source markets have helped universities achieve their recruitment and student retention goals.

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