About Us

EduCo is a diversified, post-secondary education company dedicated to helping international students achieve their academic and career goals.

We have assisted international students from over 120 countries attend our institutions in Australia, Canada, Ireland and the United States and graduate with the skills needed to be successful in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace. With our focus on student success, EduCo aims to deliver unparalleled educational experiences and outcomes. We guide and work with institutions to assist students from diverse backgrounds achieve their academic and career goals through high-quality, industry-relevant qualifications that are recognised by employers worldwide.

What we do

We provide educational services through partnerships with reputable public and not-for-profit universities and through operating our own institutions.

We work with public and not-for-profit universities to grow their student community through the creation of specialised resources, programs and activities designed specifically for international students. Our pathway programs help students develop the language, academic knowledge, learning and social skills they need to meet the requirements of a post-secondary degree program.

Our owned and operated institutions offer students the opportunity to be a part of an internationally-focused community on campus, with programs developed specifically to meet the needs of students studying from a non-English speaking background. Our institutions offer career-focused vocational programs, pathway programs and degrees in fields including accounting, human resources, management, marketing and hospitality.