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6 reasons why students choose IT Sligo

As EduCo’s newest education partner in Ireland, IT Sligo has added another valuable option for international students particularly in the science, technology, engineering and technology (STEM) fields, and students can make their stay in Ireland a truly memorable experience.

Learning more about stage design, one of the many courses available at IT Sligo.

Located on a 72-acre site near the town of Sligo, the campus is within walking distance to student accommodations, thus giving students a better quality of life without the stresses of commuting long distances. It boasts of new technology and science buildings, a state-of-the-art library and a new student services building following an infusion of a €35 million capital development fund last year. Students chose the institution due to the following advantages.

1. Relevance of courses

IT Sligo designs its course programs to fit industry requirements to better prepare its graduates for the global wokplace. It works closely with companies to keep abreast of industry requirements.

A 9-year-old girl testing out IT Sligo’s virtual reality software during the Open Evening

The institute has a strong track-record of engaging with students, schools, further education colleges, state agencies and employers across the region,” says Niall O’Donnellan, chairman of IT Sligo’s Governing Body.
“It delivers to many national policies and strategies on the creation of the future landscape of Irish higher education, increasing access to education, growing international education, and meeting objectives for innovation and entrepreneurship, job creation and regional development,” he clarifies further.
Students can compare program options along with course fees, scholarships, IELTS and other requirements from the EduCo Course Finder.

2. Teaching staff

One of IT Sligo’s greatest strengths is its teaching staff. The Institute has a quality assurance policy in place and is designed to ensure the quality of awards, programs, and the teaching and learning process, subject to continuous review and improvement.

Science and Nutrition lecturer Eimear Donlon sharing information at IT Sligo’s Open Evening

IT Sligo recently won the Best Business and Third Level Institution Collaboration Award with The Insurance Institute for their Insurance Practitioner Apprenticeship during the 2018 Education Awards Ceremony.
Students are also continuously guided to be the best versions of themselves.  Proof of this consistent mentoring is the number of awards and citations garnered by students in various fields. Students are motivated in their studies because their achievements are celebrated.
The Salmon of Knowledge sculpture at the campus gate is a daily reminder of the institution’s commitment to the holistic education of young minds in line with the institute’s mission statement and its concern for the town’s environmental, cultural, historical and mythological heritage.

3. Personalised approach

An array of IT Sligo’s support services for students

IT Sligo has small class sizes which give students more opportunities to interact with their lecturers and other students. They also benefit from the individual attention extended by the student support staff. Since 1970, IT Sligo has upheld a culture that is unique to the Institute, which is articulated as follows:

  • Educate students to reach their full potential
  • Champion respect, equality, inclusion and diversity
  • Lead by being ambitious, innovative and accountable
  • Promote ethical and responsible behaviour
  • Believe that publicly-funded higher education should be accessible to all
  • Value students, staff, business, community and the environment
  • Respond proactively to economic and societal changes
  • Collaborate for the enhancement of the economy, society and environment

4. Campus ambiance

The campus sits on a 72-acre block and boasts of a modern university vibe that’s sensitive to what students need. IT Sligo describes itself as “constantly evolving to reflect the needs of the 21st century student.”

Students exchanging pleasantries and having fun

Students get to walk everywhere including to and from the Sligo town centre as well as to and from student accommodations.

5. World-class recognition

Apart from being Ireland’s No 1 recognised destination for Digital (Online) Education, IT Sligo has produced internationally recognised ground-breaking research in Science and Archaeology.

6. A home away from home

Head of Dept of Computing and Electronic Engineering, Diane O’Brien giving an overview of the courses available at IT Sligo during the Open Evening which was also attended by parents

International students come from 49 countries and account for 6% of IT Sligo’s population, with 35% coming from the European Union, 19% from Asia, 9% from North America and the remaining 37% from the rest of the world.
“You get a beautiful town and all its amenities at an affordable price. Plus, you can still travel the rest of Ireland any time you wish!” says Kristen Eastman, an international student from Canada who is enrolled in Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Pharmaceutical Science with Drug Development.
International students get to study for as little as €9,500/year and maintain living costs to less than €10,000/year. They can also work while they study (20 hours/week in term time and 40 hours/week for the 4-month holidays) and get paid the minimum wage of €9.80/hour. Students can finish a bachelor’s degree in three or four years and qualify for a one-year post-study work visa, preferably as a paid internship. Finally, they may opt to complete a master’s degree within a year and qualify for a 2-year post-study work visa.
Overall, current students have chosen IT Sligo because of its ideal location – picturesque beauty, affordability and attractive lifestyle.