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3 DCU students join Ireland’s Student Ambassador Program

Three students of Dublin City University have been named International Student Ambassadors by Education in Ireland, an organisation being managed by Enterprise Ireland and backed by the Minister for Education and Skills.

They are Chao Yuan Hsu from DCU’s International Foundation Program (IFP) which is administered in partnership with the EduCo International Group, Shamile Aicha Aldossary who is taking up Bachelor of Arts in Global Business, and Akanksha Puniyani who is pursuing a Master of Science in Management with Strategy as specialisation.

Education in Ireland’s 2019-20 Student Ambassadors Chao, Shamile and Akanksha sharing the happy moment at Dublin City University

The Student Ambassador Program which aims to raise awareness on the quality of Irish education. It assists and encourages interested students from various parts of the globe as they start their search for the right university.

Chao and the two other student ambassadors will be undergoing a year of high-level training from Education in Ireland on how best to harness effective online communication skills such as writing for blogs, film and audio for digital content. Their training will also cover the use and impact of social media work as a means to promote their study experience in Ireland. 

According to Education in Ireland, the Student Ambassador Program was launched “to give international students a voice, a chance to interact and learn from each other’s experiences abroad.”

 Under the project, the new ambassadors will be given the opportunity to use their voice and make a difference in the lives of other international students who may be experiencing the same struggles of being away from home and adjusting to a new culture. At same time, they can also showcase their happy memories of an Irish academic and cultural experience.

At the end of the academic year, the three International Student Ambassadors will be awarded a Certificate of Completion by Education in Ireland to mark their valued contribution to promoting Irish higher education.