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2019 NJIT Career Fair brings employers and jobseekers together

This year’s Career Fair brought together at least 2,200 students and alumni as well as 212 companies at New Jersey Institute of Technology’s Wellness and Events Centre.
Organised by NJIT’s Career Development Services, the Spring 2019 Career Fair brought in a big number of employers who participated for the first time and saw an opportunity to grab the best talent for their respective companies.
The Career Development Services Department assists students and graduates with career planning and job preparation. Students gain a clear understanding of their career options, hone their interviewing skills and prepare for workplace requirements.

Mark Parette of Parette Somjen Architects, with colleague Baina-Lyssa Jean, also NJIT graduates of ’83 and ’17, respectively.

Mark Parette of Parette Somjen Architects says career fairs are invaluable because they give his company the opportunity to meet students on their turf. He joined the career fair to expand his company’s brand on campus and hire architecture and computer science students.
From left: Facebook’s recruiter McEdward Laguerre, software engineer/visiting lecturer John Tsai, and software engineer Maya Israni. 

Facebook’s recruiter McEdward Laguerre says that understanding student demographics is key to their recruitment effort, “We have strategically partnered with our engineers so that they’re prepared to talk with students about their experiences overall and inspire them to apply.” Laguerre was at the Facebook booth with software engineer/visiting lecturer John Tsai and software engineer Maya Israni. The group was recruiting for summer internships in software engineering as well as full-time opportunities in information technology.

Entry-level jobs and internships

Nicole Palmarozza (above, right), talent acquisition coordinator at Take-Two Interactive Software and an associate

With a lot of entry-level and new-graduate positions as well as internships to fill, Take-Two Interactive Software participated in the career fair to also create awareness for the company. For talent acquisition coordinator Nicole Palmarozza, participating in career fairs is “really about connecting with the future of any given sector … [and] about finding that initial pipeline and building relationships with people.” She came to explain to students and alumni how Take-Two can partner with them to really help them make the most of their careers.
Jeff Winegar (above, right) of T&M Associates, with recruitment officers

T&M Associates, an environmental, engineering and construction management firm, was represented by Jeff Winegar. A double NJIT alumnus with degrees in civil and environmental engineering, he observes that “there is so much [more] now than just engineering at this college … it’s amazing.” With T&M expanding, he and his associates attended the fair to “hire the best people for our company. And it’s a good opportunity to keep in touch with the academic world, too, to see what’s going on there. … It’s enriching!”
Ortho Clinical Diagnostics’ Senior Information Technology (IT) Officer Raj Nyati (above, left), with a colleague attending to enquiries

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics’ Raj Nyati, a senior information technology (IT) officer, was looking for engineers, particularly those with an interest in the biological sciences and medical devices. It also has positions open in its IT operations.
His company researched the NJIT curriculum as well as where alumni went after graduating and concluded that participating in the career fair would be helpful to its recruitment.

Key pointers for students

By participating in job fairs, international students not only get to hone their interviewing and resume preparation skills. They also get to build their network of connections.

  • International students can do their homework and research on participating companies prior to going to career fairs.
  • They should keep an eye out on what employers in the area are looking for in terms of talent and soft skills.
  • Lastly, they should take their studies seriously and gain a better understanding of their field and their future career.