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1-year Master's at TU Dublin qualifies graduates for a 2-year post-study work visa

International students can enrol in any of the following one-year graduate degree programs at TU Dublin – MSc in Tourism Management, MSc in Hospitality Management and MSc in Event Management – and can apply for a two-year post-study work visa upon graduation.

According to EduCo Ireland SVP Jacob Kestner, the master’s programs are for students with a variety of backgrounds, among them professionals currently employed within the tourism, hospitality or events sectors and those from complementary backgrounds who wish to enter the sectors. “These MScs are designed to provide participants with the expert knowledge and skills necessary for a successful career at senior management level in any sector of this vibrant industry,” he says.

“These globally-recognised Master’s degrees are some of TU Dublin’s most sought-after programs,” adds Jacob. “They provide participants with a top-level educational package that is delivered by leading academics and experts from the national and international hospitality, tourism and events sectors.”

Qualification requirements

Students should present an IELTS score of at least 6.0 and proof of completion for a four-year Bachelor’s degree (Level 8)  in any subject plus professional experience. The work experience doesn’t have to be in the tourism industry. Fess are estimated at €11,500 for the duration of the program.

For those that have completed a three-year Bachelor’s degree in their home country (considered Level 7 in Ireland), they may have to enrol in a one-year program leading into the Master’s program, which is considered Level 9, and complete their Master’s degree in two years. For details, interested students and education agents may contact the EduCo representative in their area or send their enquiries here.

The deadline of applications for the January 2020 intake is on 31 October.

Career path for graduates

Graduates of the one-year master’s programs will have the skills and knowledge to perform management roles in a variety of companies and organisations, as well as teaching and research opportunities. They can hone their skills in organising festival and sports events, conferences, meetings and exhibitions and other corporate events. They can also work with marketing groups, support agencies and local authorities as consultants. 

Tourism, hospitality and events are major worldwide industries, and as such, they are dynamic, competitive, fast-growing and international in nature. They cover everything from deluxe hotels, restaurants, designer bars, catering operations, nightclubs, festivals, sports events and conferences to community development, cultural organisations, cooperative marketing groups, support agencies and local authorities. 

Graduates will be open to a lot of job and career opportunities after completing the one-year program and can extend their stay in Ireland by applying for the two-year Post Study Work Visa.