At EduCo our strength is in our extensive network of active, committed and reputable partners supported by our dynamic marketing team strategically located in 17 countries worldwide. Our partner portal provides our representatives with one central place to access all the information needed to promote our institutions.

Marketing Materials


Cambridge International College - Higher Education

All CIC-Higher Education Forms

CIC Academic Excellence Scholarship offshore

CIC Academic Excellence Scholarship Onshore

CIC HED application form

CIC-Higher Education 2017 Program information flyer

CIC-Higher Education Brochure 2018

Cambridge International College - Vocational Training

All CIC-Vocational Forms

CIC - Vocational brochure

CIC VET application form

Southern Cross University - Melbourne

SCU Accordion Brochure

SCU Application Form for Admission

SCU Courses & Fees

SCU Melbourne 2017 course flyer

SCU Melbourne Flyer 2018

Southern Cross University - Perth

Application Form for Admission

SCU Accordion Brochure

SCU Perth flyer 2017

SCU Perth Flyer 2018

SCU Perth Poster

Southern Cross University - Sydney

SCU Accordion Brochure

SCU Sydney 2017 course flyer

SCU Sydney Application Form for Admission

SCU Sydney Courses & Fees

SCU Sydney Flyer 2018

Strathfield College Melbourne

SC Melbourne brochure

SC Melbourne English Language Tuition Fees 2017 ROTW

SC Melbourne English Language Tuition Fees 2017 SEA

SC Melbourne Launch Media Release

SC VET Tuition Fees for 2017

Strathfield College Melbourne Application Form 2017

Strathfield College Sydney

SC Sydney 2017 VET Course Intake Orientation Dates

SC Sydney brochure

SC Sydney English Language Tuition Fees 2017 ROTW

SC Sydney English Language Tuition Fees 2017 SEA

SC Sydney Student Application Form

SC Sydney VET Tuition Fees for 2017

SC Sydney Vocational programs

Acsenda School of Management

Acsenda agent presentation

Acsenda brochure

Acsenda flyer

Acsenda poster

Acsenda Student Application Form

ASM Tuition Fee Discount Flyer

Arbutus College

Arbutus agent presentation

Arbutus College Hospitality Program Outline

Arbutus College International Trade Program Outline

Arbutus College Marketing Program Outline

Arbutus College Business Program Outline

Arbutus Comprehensive Flyer

Arbutus programs and fees

Arbutus Student Application Form

Dublin City University

DCU Postgraduate Application Form

DCU Comprehensive flyer

DCU Graduate Application form

DCU Pathway program flyer

DCU poster

DCU Undergraduate Application Form

Maynooth University

Maynooth University Agent presentation

Maynooth University Comprehensive flyer

Maynooth University Postgraduate Application Form

Maynooth University Pathway Program flyer

Maynooth University poster

Maynooth University Undergraduate Application Form

MU Graduate Application form

Brandeis International Business School

Brandeis IBS flyer

Brandeis IBS poster

IBS Agent training presentation

IBS Student Application Form

IBS Virtual Tour

Duquesne University

DUQ Launch Banner

DUQ Launch Flyer

DUQ Launch Poster

Duquesne University Presentation

DUQ_Graduate Pathway Program

New Jersey Institute of Technology

NJIT Postgraduate Application Form

NJIT Agent Training Presentation

NJIT Flyer

NJIT Poster

NJIT Undergraduate Application Form

University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Training Slide: Student Outcomes

UMBC Agent Training Presentation

UMBC Graduate Application

UMBC Media Release

UMBC Outcomes Flyer

UMBC Outcomes Flyer India

UMBC Outcomes Flyer Taiwan

UMBC poster

UMBC programs flyer

UMBC Virtual Tour

University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Nebraska flyer

Nebraska Poster

Nebraska Undergraduate Agent Presentation

Student Application Form (Undergraduate)

UNL Banner

UNL Undergraduate Checklist

University of St. Thomas

St Thomas brochure

St Thomas flyer

St Thomas poster

St Thomas videos

Study Minnesota Website

University of St Thomas Student Application Form

Virtual Tour

EduCo Agent Application Form

EduCo US Scholarship Flyer

EduCo US Study Guide